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Simply put, Oh My Veg celebrates plant-forward, vegetarian food. The goal is to recognize and honor the incredible variety of available recipes using whole, healthy, and fulfilling plant-based ingredients while inspiring ourselves to eat better and live better.

Oh My Veg seeks to change the perception of vegetarian food as inaccessible and alienating by highlighting affordable, beautiful, decadent, yet easy vegetarian recipes that appeal to everyone — whether you’re an omnivore, flexitarian, vegan, beginner, home cook, pro chef, working on a tight budget, cooking for one or a feast for twenty — there’s endless inspiration here.

Since starting Oh My Veg in 2020, our content has been featured in Cosmopolitan India, Live Hindustan, The Indian Express, The Times of India, and Lokmat, among others. Oh My Veg was also a Finalist in the Outstanding Culinary Skills category at the 2024 SHE Awards.

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About Ellanor

Hello, Reader! My name is Ellanor, and I’m the author, recipe tester, chef, and food photographer behind Oh My Veg. Outside of my work on this blog, I’m a professional food writer for a digital media company, so my life is all about food!

My childhood had an enormous impact on my cooking journey. Let’s start at the beginning: I was born in a small seaside town in Devon, England, to a spiritual mother who believed in raising me as a vegetarian — an atypical choice for the times. Every weekend, we would camp on wild beaches or high forgotten woodlands and cook on an open campfire. We’d scramble across the rugged stone walls and overgrown hedgerows to harvest the sweetest wild strawberries, stain our hands red from blackberry picking, and buy fruits from the local farms that left baskets on the side of the country roads. I cooked buttered mushrooms on the gas stove of our campervan, sharing the clearing with wild moorland ponies and all the sunshine you could imagine. We grew beans, greens, fruits, and potatoes on our little city allotment and spent as much time outdoors as at home. These memories are reflected in my cooking today, where I have many recipes made from foraged and home-grown ingredients.

I firmly believe that cooking is one of the purest forms of expression and love — whether that may be cooking for yourself or cooking for your family.