New U.K. Michelin Starred Restaurants Announced

The Midland Hotel, Manchester, outside street view framed by trees.

If you’re always on the lookout for the best dining spots, you’re probably acquainted with the prestigious Michelin Guide — Michelin stars are one of the most coveted accolades in the industry, and a surefire way to tell you’re going to eat a meal of a lifetime. Gaining a Michelin star is almost universally recognized as a symbol of unparalleled quality. Having multiple stars to your name makes you a legend amongst chefs, and worldwide acclaim follows.

In an annual event hailed by many as the most significant foodie award of the year, the Michelin Guide has unveiled an updated roster of the finest restaurants in the U.K. and Ireland. Throughout the night they’ve granted dining establishments one, two, or three stars, green stars for environmentally conscious eateries, and a handful of one-off awards.

This year, on Monday, 5 February 2024, the event was held in the imposing, grade 2-listed Midland Hotel in central Manchester. The Michelin Awards attracted countless chefs — rising stars new to the scene and those who have already cemented their place in the history books alike — including Michel Roux Jr., who presented the first half of the awards, and Simon Rogan, who announced the second half.

The night concluded with the distribution of a total of 36 awards. Keep reading to find out which restaurants were victorious and which were left waiting, plus the answers to your most pressing questions.

New 2024 One Michelin Star Restaurants in the U.K. and Ireland:

  1. Mysé, Hovingham, Yorkshire, England (Joshua Overington)
  2. Mountain, London, England (Josean Balotin)
  3. 1890 by Gordon Ramsey, London, England (James Sharp)
  4. Cedar Tree by Hrishikesh Desai, Brampton, Cumberland, England (Hrishikesh Desai)
  5. Pavyllon, London (Benjamin Ferra y Castell)
  6. The Bishop’s Buttery, Co. Tipperary, Republic of Ireland (Stefan McEnteer)
  7. Dorian, London, England (Max Coen)
  8. Humo, London, England (Miller Prada)
  9. Crocadon, St Mellion, Cornwall, England (Dan Cox)
  10. Homestead Cottage, Doolin, Republic of Ireland (Robbie McCauley)
  11. Akoko, London, England (Ayo Adeyemi)
  12. Lake Road Kitchen, Ambleside, Cumbria, England (James Cross)
  13. Sushi Kanesaka, London, England (Hirotaka Wada)
  14. Humble Chicken, London, England (Angelo Sato)
  15. D’Olier Street, Dublin, Republic of Ireland (James Moore)
  16. Ormer Mayfair, London, England (Sofian Msetfi)
  17. Aulis, London, England (Charlie Tayler)
  18. Chishuru, London, England (Adejoké Bakare)

New 2024 Two Michelin Star Restaurants in the U.K. and Ireland:

Six restaurants in total were granted two Michelin stars: four in England, one in Scotland, and one in the Republic of Ireland.

This category was perhaps the most exciting of the night, celebrating a historical moment for Indian fine dining in the U.K., as both Gymkhana in London and Opheem in Birmingham achieved their second Michelin stars.

  1. Gymkhana, London, England (Siddharth Ahuja)
  2. Brooklands, London, England (Francesco Dibenedetoo)
  3. Terre, Castlemartyr, Cork, Republic of Ireland
  4. The Glenturret Lalique, Crieff, Perth and Kinross, Scotland (Mark Donland)
  5. Trivet, London, England (Jonny Lake)
  6. Opheem, Birmingham, England (Aktar Islam)

New 2024 Three Michelin Star Restaurants in the U.K. and Ireland:

Only one restaurant secured the prestigious honor of three Michelin stars, joining the exclusive club of less than ten establishments across the U.K. and Ireland.

  1. The Ledbury Inn, London, England (Brett Graham)

New 2024 Green Star Michelin Restaurants in the U.K. and Ireland:

A recent award — first introduced in 2021 — the Michelin Green Star awards restaurants focusing on sustainability. The restaurants typically include foraging practices, regenerative growing, seasonal produce from closely connected local suppliers, and environmental footprint, along with other criteria. The Michelin website states: “These restaurants offer dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments and are a source of inspiration both for keen foodies and the hospitality industry as a whole.”

  1. Annwn, Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales (Matt Powell)
  2. Exmoor Forest Inn, Minehead, Somerset, England (Prim Dianne Lapuz)
  3. Forge at Middleton Lodge, Richmond, England (Jake Jones)
  4. Interlude, Horsham, England (Jean Delport)
  5. St Bartes, London, England (Johnnie Crowe)
  6. The Whitebrook Inn, Monmouthshire, Wales (Chris Harrod)

Other Michelin Awards

  • Michelin Young Chef of the Year: Jake Jones, Forge at Middleton Lodge, Richmond, England
  • Michelin Outstanding Professionals in Hospitality: Sandia Chang, Kitchen Table, London, England
  • Michelin Service Award: Robbie Ashby, Stage, Exeter, England
  • Michelin Sommelier Award: Valentin Mouillard, L’Enclume, England
  • Michelin Cocktails Award: Ryan McHarg, The Spence, Edinburgh, Scotland

How Many Restaurants in the U.K. and Ireland Were Awarded a Michelin Star in 2024?

Across the U.K. and Ireland, 25 restaurants earned new Michelin stars. Of those 25 restaurants, 18 restaurants earned one Michelin star, six earned two Michelin stars, and just one restaurant earned three Michelin stars.

Gymkhana in London and Opheem in Birmingham each made history by receiving two Michelin stars, becoming the first Indian restaurants in the U.K. to achieve this recognition.

Did Manchester Receive a Michelin Star?

When news broke that the Michelin Awards would take place in The Midlands, an iconic Manchester hotel — also home to the prestigious Adam Reid at The French, long-billed for a star — speculation arose that it might be time for Manchester to earn its second Michelin star.

The Northern city, a cultural powerhouse and hotspot for music, sports, and dining, currently holds only one Michelin star: Ancoats-based mana, run by Simon Martin.

Unfortunately, a Michelin star wasn’t on the cards for Manchester tonight. However, for some recommendations for good eats, check out our restaurant reviews.

Which Restaurant in the U.K. and Ireland Received the Most Michelin Stars?

The U.K.’s capital city, London, received the most awards of the night, totaling 15. London also currently holds the most overall Michelin stars. It’s not surprising, considering the capital is jam-packed with eateries, although many people will doubtless be upset to see a London-dominated list, while other regions go unnoticed.

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